Are trends an influence of ‘good taste’ in interiors?

When an element of interior design is on trend it appears to dominate some peoples taste in design: “there always existed a small group of people for whom the newest fashion is a necessity” (p67 Baley, 1983). This suggests that new trends can play a role in our specific design choices and our taste. This is giving us the idea that we may adjust our taste to the latest trend. As trends are ever changing this could suggest that tastes are also.

According to the leading designers ‘Elle decor’. Their most popular rooms of the week and are on trend are: “colourful and patterned rooms”. But the question is: will this current trend dominate someones personal taste? (Mallon, 2014)


Figure 3: (Mallon, 2014)


Figure 4: (p87 Thiemann et al. 2014)

chairs frame

Figure 5: (p139 Thiemann et al. 2014)

This colour burst is also shown in Frame magazine, featuring on furniture and interior spaces.

Buruma (p81 2008) suggests that if the starting design is good and full of great enthusiasm and abiding by trend then – however unusual it may be  – it will be successful. Alternatively Mathias (2014) suggests that our tastes are very fickle as he suggests that our taste isn’t exactly the same as it was a year ago and trends can change rapidly: “a good design on Monday could end up being called bad design on Friday” Mathias (2014). Trends are constantly changing reflecting our tastes. James (2014) also agrees with this by suggesting that holding to all the latest trends without digging in and critiquing them is a sign of underdeveloped taste.

The question is, do these arguments suggest that trend can somehow, consciously or unconsciously influence taste?


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