Is gender a factor to ‘good taste’ in interiors?

Is it good or bad taste suiting a specific interior space to gender? the well known example: pink for girls and blue for boys causes a lot of discussion. “In almost every culture, one stereotype emerges: pink is associated with girls, blue with boys” (Anon 9, no date). It appears that this stereotype of gender may be effecting our taste, as we simply wouldn’t choose colours for a specific gender if it wasn’t to our taste. This shows how much of an impact this stereotype has had consciously or unconsciously on our taste.

When we suit our interior spaces to the well-known “pink for girls” and “blue for boys” this can be more of an impact than we think and it can result in others reflecting this taste. Also it appears that peoples preference to colour has an influence on every aspect of colour we see surrounding us, including interior environments. “The presence of colour has become more important in an interior environment” Khouw (no date).

Evans (p3 1982) suggests that: “When designers are presented with a problem and it’s context they normally attempt to change the design to satisfy a particular client” maybe this is society today, we have the view that discriminating by colour is wrong.

Below there is an example of two boys and girls which had the opportunity to show their favourite items within their bedrooms. These images below make me question: is this inequality within interior design? or sticking to a well known preference/taste? (Bridges, no date)


Figure 6: (Anon 10, 2010)


Figure 7: (Anon 10, 2010)

Evans (p2 1982) suggests that adjusting environments and contexts result in human physiological changes which are necessary for life. Which suggests that the ever changing environments created around us effect how we are as a person and maybe our taste. As taste is very personal to you, this might suggest that there is no such thing as good taste as everyone is different.

Is it a form of discrimination- stereotyping (pink and blue) and maybe misleading many people into a certain gender roll or even defining their sex by colour? Will it always be ambiguous to society what is the right taste when it comes to gender or will nature decide what colour preferences we choose within an interior space.


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